Training men to fully minister the Word of God

“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” (Deuteronomy 6: 6-7) listen to chapter (Read by Marquis Laughlin. Provided by Sola Scriptura.)

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Student Life

The School community enjoys many activities apart from academic life. This provides the opportunity to get to know one another in an atmosphere other than the classroom. Once a week students, families, teachers and friends gather together for a pot-luck BBQ dinner. Everyone enjoys the mountain scenery next to the creek while the children play games. On Wednesday evenings the community worships together. Once each week a wives’ Bible study provides a special time for the seminary wives to consider their role in ministry with their husbands. Between classes, students are often found playing ping-pong, volleyball or horseshoes. On the weekends, hiking, fishing, playing golf or working at a job occupy the students’ time. On the Lord’s Day students worship in local churches or often find themselves preaching or leading worship where there is a need. The Sunday Seminary Chapel on campus provides a friendly place to worship with others from the local community.


School Lodge

The main School Lodge contains a dining hall which can accommodate 50 persons. It also serves as an all-purpose meeting room. The classroom accommodates 24 students. In addition, the Lodge houses the Seminary office, book room and kitchen. Students may prepare their own meals in the students kitchen area.


Our unique 40′ by 24′ chapel provides an appropriate environment for worship, student preaching and special programs.

Clark Library

The school library is named after theologian and Christian philosopher Dr. Gordon H. Clark Among the library’s 14,000 volumes is Dr. Clark’s personal library. The library also contains a microfiche library of 10,000 volumes. Also available are computers for exegetical research, Bible, Greek and Hebrew studies. The library has a number of the best computer CD ROM programs for this purpose.

Book Room

A small selection of Bibles, texts and related books are for sale to students at a reduced rate. It is our purpose to make necessary books available for students to purchase, as they are needed.

Student Housing

The seminary is equipped to house a limited number of single students and married families. Most on-campus dwellings are cabins which match the ambiance of a rustic mountain community. The seminary staff is happy to assist prospective students in locating housing in the community, if desired.

Other Facilities

Campsites, which may be used for tents and trailers during the summer, are equipped with water and electrical connections. There are bathroom facilities for campers to use. A laundry room is also provided.


The School’s rooms and apartments are attractive and comfortable yet somewhat rustic.

Students living on campus are required to keep their rooms or apartments clean and orderly. Before leaving the campus at the end of each semester, students are to have their room or apartment inspected by the Director or his representative.

Students may be allowed to rent a room or apartment from January to May when school is not in session. Students may also store their personal belongings in the school facilities during this time. Arrangements need to be made for each of these options as the facilities are sometimes used for guests during this time. A storage rental fee will be charged to keep personal belongings in the rooms or apartments when students are not living in them.


The School has few rules. We believe that Christian Students should learn to conduct themselves responsibly without a host of regulations. If the conduct of a student is inconsistent with traditional biblical moral conduct, a member of the Core Faculty will discuss the matter with the student. Should the conduct of a student continue to be unacceptable, the Core Faculty shall consider the matter, discuss it with the student and may dismiss the student. Neither smoking nor alcoholic beverages are permitted on campus.

The School is located at 9,000 feet elevation in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Rocky Mountains adjacent to Horn Creek Conference Center. The summers are mild and the falls cool but not extremely cold. Because of our location, we dress and live informally.


Visitors are welcome at any time. We encourage visitors to come at a time when classes in which they are especially interested are in session. Prospective students are welcome to come for two days and visit classes, with the School providing Board and Room as available. Those desiring to visit should write or phone to make arrangements. Family and friends of students are welcome to stay in the students’ housing if there is enough room, or in other available School facilities. Fees to cover room and board may be charged to cover expenses.