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Helpful directions: how to compose research plan dissertation

This set of awesome directions will help you focus on how to do a dissertation plan. You probably already have your hypothesis and a broad idea of what you want to achieve so let's start on making some specific goals.

  1. Start by brainstorming. Give yourself 10-15 minutes to just focus on everything that you know about your topic and the focus of your dissertation. Include as much information as you can within this time, no matter how tenuous.
  2. Focus on what you know. Target the information that you already know. Ideally, use a highlighting pen to make this stand out. Information that you already know may include the structure of the paper to what information you want to gain from your research.
  3. What do you need to find out? What information searches do you need to do? Where are the gaps in your knowledge? Add to this the method that you will use to find out the knowledge that you need. A trusted dissertation writing company is ready to help you.
  4. Start a Project Diary. This may be the most useful tip that you will be given. In this diary make notes of your literature searches. Useful information can include why you decided to use some information and discarded others. Use your own form of shorthand.
  5. Update your Project Diary frequently. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough, because by keeping it up to date, it will save you time when you are writing up your work as you will have everything to hand.
  6. It's a process. You will not be able to complete writing your paper in a few sessions. Essentially it is a work in progress. You need to make sure that you have allowed yourself sufficient time not just to write but to edit frequently.
  7. Plan your time. Don't just plan time to write, plan time to read through your work, to make sure that it flows in a logical order. Ideally, you also need some thinking time, so if you are not writing all the time it is OK to just 'think'.
  8. The Conclusion. When you are writing this section, make sure that you are picking up all of the ideas and issues that yo have raised about the project in earlier sections, especially in the introduction.
  9. There is no really easy way to write a dissertation as the whole process is a long journey, but these simple guidelines should help you to write with a little more confidence. Good Luck!

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