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Suggestions for Your Outstanding Dissertation topics in Business

Employee motivation must be one of the most interesting business topics to base a dissertation on, as there is so much scope in this area as well as opportunities to take viewpoints and work across several fields of study.

Look at some of the example dissertation titles here and think how you could develop the themes:

  1. Focus on what motivates an employee:
    • This area could focus on a historical method of employee motivation and determine its success if it was applied to today's workforce.
    • Look at how an employer can motivate and employee and compare this to how an employee is self-motivated.
    • Consider how small groups of employees can influence each other's motivation or how they motivate each other as a group.
    • Does employee motivation totally rely on the skills and management style of the company or the profession that they work in.
  2. Look at what is going on in the news.
    • Use realistic examples of employee motivation as opposed to hypothetical situations that the reader may or may not identify with.
    • Think about what experiences some workers endure as their employers do not consider supporting the emotional side of their employees.
    • How does employee motivation affect production. Is employee motivation all about the monetary reward?
    • Think about areas of employment were pay maybe just about at minimum wage yet the staff is well motivated to respond well to customers.
  3. Explore ideas that other curriculum areas may offer.
    • Don't just focus on the area of business, look at other areas such as training/ psychology/ education and sociology to see what there spin on the subject is.
    • Do any of the other areas (either singularly or collectively) offer theories or solutions that can be used to explain some of the behaviors that govern employee motivation.
    • If they do offer solutions then can this be backed by sound academic evidence? What factors are missing if employees lack motivation?
    • Does motivation have anything to do with a sense of ownership (not necessarily physical ownership).

You could expand your ideas and suggest future studies where your theories and findings could be applied. If these ideas motivate you then you could also try this website.

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