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Writing An Outstanding Thesis Paper On Abortion

Abortion is a relevant subject that covers a wide range of disciplines, but there are a few tips that apply to all papers. Here are three tips that you should take in mind to keep your thesis paper on abortion effective, no matter your discipline.

  1. No matter your argument, appeal to emotion minimally.
  2. No grader or researcher is going to want to read a paper that includes an underlying theme of sadness, disgust, or desperation. If the appeal to emotion is a necessary part of your argument, then you have a faulty argument and have reached it by way of fallacious reasoning. If a single appeal to emotion is unavoidable in your paper, it should be at the end. The “eye-catching” first sentence of papers about similarly controversial topics all too often makes use of an emotion-driven condemnation of the opposite standpoint. While this can be powerful, it will immediately disinterest and offend the other party.

  3. Don’t talk about hypotheticals.
  4. The media and the overwhelming majority of public opinion judges abortion by way of a conceived archetype. Don’t mention “the average” woman getting an abortion unless you’re citing real statistics about things like age or income. This tip should apply in most disciplines, but can become obscured in religious, moral, or logical contexts. The general opinion, though, is that abortion is most effectively analyzed without reference to the teenage girl scenario that nonacademic sources have overanalyzed to the point of meaninglessness. In moral or religious studies, reference to authorities or past opinions on similar topics, like birth control, will give your paper more meaning.

  5. Don’t reference case studies.
  6. The women who have had abortions have had it hard enough, and citing or quoting them is not going to give your paper any more depth at the expense of their misfortune. If you yourself have had or know someone who has had an abortion, this fact should not have any place in your paper unless you’re writing this for an English course. In a sense, this is a roundabout means of appealing to both emotion and authority. While this may seem effective from your point of view, it will likely appear little more than awkward and unsettling for the grader or reader. The actions of the grader at that point depend more on his personality and relationship with you than the quality of your writing, which would appear clumpy and unprofessional despite your authority on the subject.

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