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10 Fresh Ideas You Can Use As History Dissertation Topics

History is a fascinating and ever-evolving subject, and one that many students choose to pursue as part of their higher education. Unfortunately, securing a degree in history means having to write a dissertation on a particular topic. And that is something not all dissertation students are able to do. So, they resort to an easier option – they buy dissertation from a third-party writer. The former is the more popular option of the two, and will provide you with a completed paper. However, it’s still a good idea to choose the topic they must write on because the right one can make the difference between good and great.

Find ten great ideas for a history dissertation topic below:

  1. Talk about the atrocities committed by Hitler. Shed some light on the tortures he inflicted upon his political prisoners and his way of ruling. Why do you still think that he continues to be a popular figure in history in spite of the atrocities he committed and the terror he spread in society? Provide reasons why he was known as the “Man of the Year” in 1938. You could look into custom dissertation services for this.
  2. America has often been called the land of opportunities. Do you think this is a fair assessment? How has the economy developed throughout the country over time and what impact has that had on the countrymen? Does America’s commerce hold up well against that of other countries?
  3. The phrase “The United States is a supreme power” is a commonly used one. What perspective do underdeveloped and “weaker” countries have about such a statement? How are they affected? What do you think would be the outcome if America acted as a global watchdog and tried to implement democracy throughout the world?
  4. Do you think the Vietnam War was a fair war? Give reasons why it is dubbed the Resistance War against America or the second Indo-China War? What was the extent of involvement of other countries such as the South Union, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Cuba, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, and Thailand? Topics that deal with political history, like this, might require you to seek dissertation help online.
  5. Do you think people’s safety has become more important in the modern era? Share your opinions about the rising threat of terrorism. Discuss at least ten of the most prominent and dangerous terrorist attacks throughout history.
  6. To what extent did Puritanism influence the culture of America? This is a relatively tough topic, so the best dissertation writing service will be the one that can crack it.
  7. Do you think it would have been possible for the Americans to maintain a neutral stance during WWII? How did they get involved in the war and how did the aftermath affect them?
  8. The duration of the Anglo-Zanzibar War turned out to be a mere 38 minutes. Did the war have any far-reaching effects? Do you think that this 1896 war helped set a benchmark for the shortest battle?
  9. Express your opinions about the communist ideology. Why do you think that this ideology was unable to survive in Russia?
  10. Do you think that it is a true fact that the Arab numerals were invented by the Hindus and not by the Arabs?

There are plenty of online dissertation writing services available that can help you submit your history paper within the given time. In fact, all such services of quality can provide you with immense help, one that meets all your criteria and helps you score great marks.

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